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Why Use Additives?

Why Use Additives?

As well as protecting your engine, Stanadyne Performance Formula also improves engine performance. It achieves this by ensuring clean pumps and injectors, reducing wear on components and restoring lubricity. In addition, the cetane improver in Performance Formula results in easier starting, less smoke and more complete combusition. The net result is more horsepower, torque and miles per gallon.


The heart of the diesel engine is its fuel injection system and a major enemy of this system is poor quality diesel fuel. Wide gaps in diesel fuel quality around the world play havoc with precision diesel fuel injection systems. Poor quality fuel can wear components, gum up valves and clog filters. To resolve these probelms and protect the injection system, Stanadyne developed its own line of diesel fuel additives.

Test Case

Test Engineers ran two identically prepared fuel pumps for more than 2,000 hours (appox. 125,000 miles). Both ran on DF-2 diesel fuel, one had Stanadyne Performance Formula added to the fuel at the recommended treatment ratio. The results, pictured right, show significant differences - parts to left, without additive, are dirty and worn; parts to right, with additive, are clean and protected.


One of the greatest challenges facing the diesel engine industry is the necessity to reduce particulate (smoke) and other emissions in order to protect the environment. Tests showing diesel fuel systems treated with Stanadyne Performance Formula fuel additive can reduce particulate emissions up to 49%. Below are "SnapTest" results below using industry standard smoke test meters.

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